Robotic cell for bearing rings' machining at Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant

Target: robotization of technological line for higher efficiency.

Direct equipment: industrial robots, lathe machining centers, roll marking machine, marking press, roller conveyors and powered conveyors, unpowered conveyor, preservation line, vision system and ect.

  1. Specialist on-site visit for collection of initial data.
  2. Development of engineering solutions and their submission for approval (Visualization of production processes).
  3. Preparation of design documentation with further approval with all involved departments of the Client.
  4. Production and delivery of equipment.
  5. Mounting works.
  6. Commissioning works and acceptance tests.
  7. Development of documentation on robotic cell.
  8. Staff training.
  9. Initial preventative maintenance of robotic cell.
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