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Gain profit thanks to time and resource saving as well as cost reduction on routine processes. Automate your business processes with RPA technology and artificial intelligence together with RPA.HARTUNG team.

More about RPA

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a technology, which helps to automate a company’s operational processes by means of software robots and artificial intelligence. RPA is used to automate repetitive tasks in any programs, e.g., data completion, preparation of reports, production schedules, notifications sending and many others. RPA implementation does not require any change of IT infrastructure - API or additional development – and starts to work with your software, including hand-crafting ones, immediately.

Get benefits from business processes automation with RPA.HARTUNG

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Cost reduction on time-taking processes
Increased accuracy and speed
Process optimization and faster cycle
Time saving in favor of more important tasks
90% less mistakes
Employees’ efficiency improvement
Customer satisfaction improvement
Competitiveness improvement

Migration from foreign RPA platforms to domestique ones:

We provide services on bots’ migration from such foreign platforms as UiPath, Blueprism and others to domestique ones.

For many companies, which use foreign software robots, transition to a domestique platform is a complex problem. We will help you to solve this task:

 - our specialists have a profound experience in bots’ migration; we will quickly and     effectively perform services on migration to a Russian platform;
 - we guarantee preservation of bots’ functionality;
 - we support you at all stages of migration.  

We will provide training for your specialists and advise on domestique RPA platforms for maximum effectiveness of their usage.


Production companies

automation of production program development, stock management, tracking of goods’ assembly and ect.

Finance and accounting

reconciliations, invoices issue, reports generation, accounting transactions, references/ orders and ect.

Logistics and transport

optimization of routes planning, cargo tracking, preparation of primary documentation, work with returns and ect.

Healthcare service

admission, processing of medical records, application of insurance claims, preparation of extracts and ect..


acceptance of students, diploma issue, homework check and ect.

Implementation phases

Analysis of business processes
Optimization of business-processes
Examination of Customer’s software
Development of RPA concept
Development and testing of bots
Implementation and adjustment
Training programs for Customer’s personnel
Support and development


Bot for production program

Production program at the plant is automated.

The bot collects information from internal sources and helps specialists to write production programs for various types of goods, taking into consideration production volume, warehouse stock balance, production schedule, work schedule of specialists, PM schedule and many others. If needed, the bot makes procurement request.

90% less mistakes, caused by manual data transfer.

Bot for due diligence procedure

Company’s lawyers need to perform due diligence procedure before contracts signing.

When the data for company’s details check comes, the RPA bot extracts documents related to the contractor from different sources. And then it attaches them to the company’s details and then submit the package to the next step.

The task is done while lawyers meanwhile can concentrate on more complicated issues.

30% time economy

Leave schedule

The bot every day shifts data on employees’ vacations from 1C to Bitrix24.

In Bitrix24 actual information about all company’s employees is always available.

Automated business processes (tasks, invoices, aligning) are automatically transferred to the employee who stands in for the person on vacations.

IT-specialists do not need to spend time on daily transfer of data between systems.

Time economy 30-60 minutes per day on data transfer between sources; 90% less mistakes.

Emailing of salary slips

The bot every month emails salary slips in PDF, encrypted with unique passwords, to all company’s employees. If needed, the password can be provided again upon request.

Up to 95% time economy for an accountant

Check of month-end closing in 1C

The bot provides report to a chief accountant on status of month-end closing with photo report in Telegram on a daily basis.

A chief accountant does not need to spend time on check of month-end closing.

Uploading and downloading of invoices from 1C and client banks

The accountant department spent a lot of time on invoices’ uploading and downloading between 1C and client banks.

The process was automated.

The bot reads data off the invoices and according to the algorithm downloads data into bank for payment procedure.

On the same mode, the bot transfers data on settlements from different banks to 1C.

70% time economy on making and acceptance of payments;100% less mistakes.

About company

HARTUNG is a group of Russian innovative companies, which develops projects in the spheres of transport machine building, robotics and system integration. Since 2006 HARTUNG team develops large-scale projects in the production sphere and we are proud to carry the name of a reliable partner.



What is the difference between RPA and common automation?

RPA imitates Customer’s personnel work and, in most cases, work only with software interface, does not require API connection and additional development involving narrowly defined programmers. RPA is designed to work with any software, which you use: Excel, 1С, SAP or any other software.

Which processes can be automated?

RPA is applied in any company’s subdivisions and different operational processes. The key reason for RPA is a large number of repetitive tasks. More often bots are used in finance and accounting, HR – for example, reconciliations, invoices issue, reports generation, accounting transactions, references/ orders. But tasks list is not limited by these sectors, RPA is helpful in logistics - cargo tracking, preparation of claims; e-commerce – work with online orders, clients’ notifications, in production sphere - automation of production program development, stock management, tracking of goods’ assembly and many others.

What bots can do?

Bots can perform a large scope of functions as data parsing, reading data of different formats and from various sources аnd spread data according to algorithm, recognize text/ images/ buttons, check data and prepare reports. Bots are not limited by one program; automated business process can consist of several software programs.

In which programs do bots work?

RPA technology is meant for interaction with any software, which is installed on your computers – in 1C, ERP, SAP, on corporate portals and CRM (Bitrix24, AmoCRM and others), email services, MS Office, including PDF files, websites, systems and software, developed by our customers. Work with any software without code writing – one of the key advantages of bots.

How long does it take to implement bots?

Minimal time period for automation is about 2 weeks, however, this period is applicable only for simple tasks. Time period depends on business scope and quantity of business processes to be automated and may vary in general from 2-3 months up to 1-2 years in large companies. If your company has already used foreign bots and now is planning the migration to Russian software, then migration period takes about 2-4 moths. Exact time period or complex projects is calculated after software analysis and company’s structure.

How much does RPA cost?

Cost of RPA depends on complicity of business processes and bots, needed for automation. For example, one task requires bot which will work only 30 minutes twice a day, the other one – several bots working at the same time around the clock – the cost of such bots will be completely different. The price also differs depending on whether the bot is unattended or attended. The price may start from 100 000 rubles and reach millions of rubles. Preliminary estimation of RPA is given after analysis of business processes of your company.
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