Completed projects

Robotic cell for bearing rings' machining at Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant Target: robotization of technological line for higher efficiency.
Direct equipment: industrial robots, lathe machining centers, roll marking machine, marking press, roller conveyors and powered conveyors, unpowered conveyor, preservation line, vision system and ect.
Bot for due diligence procedure

Target: automation of due diligence procedure before contracts signing, which company’s lawyers perform.

Leave schedule Target: adjustment of a daily automated information on vacations’ transfer from 1C to Bitrix24.
Emailing of salary slips Target: adjustment of monthly emailing of salary slips, encrypted with password, to all company’s employees. Each password is to be unique, and specialists of accounting department shall have the possibility to control the bot’s performance.
Check of month-end closing in 1C Target: Provision of information on status of month-end closing with photo report to the chief accountant in Telegram on a daily basis at the end of working day.
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