Goal: adjustment of monthly emailing of salary slips, encrypted with password, to all company’s employees. Each password is to be unique, and specialists of accounting department shall have the possibility to control the bot’s performance.


  1. On the fixed day the RPA bot extracts list of all employees from 1C.
  2. It downloads salary slip of each employee from 1C.
  3. With the help of VBA macro the list of employees is handled: emails, passwords, duplicate check.
  4. On the basis of the excel table the bot encrypts all pdf documents.
  5. For new employees by means of VBA macro the bot generates new passwords and put them into Excel.
  6. The bot checks if there is information about email in Excel file or not. If not, it looks for needed information in 1C. If the employee profile is not filled in, the bot sends an email to the accounting department with this information.
  7. Salary slips are being sent to each employee by email. For new employees a password is being sent by a separate email.
  8. The status of emailing is reflected in Excel. Specialists of the accounting department can control the process.
  9. A separately created bot monitors the incoming requests from employees in case they need their passwords to be reminded.

Technologies used: Bot Sherpa/PIX, Excel, VBA macro.

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